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Editor's Note:  Tyco Pyrotenax provide:-

performance cable electrical cable cable type insulated cableperformance cable
performance cable electrical cable cable type insulated cableelectrical cable
performance cable electrical cable cable type insulated cablecable type
performance cable electrical cable cable type insulated cableinsulated cable

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Tyco Thermal Controls Launches New Website Featuring Pyrotenax Performance Cables

Tyco Thermal Controls has launched - a new dedicated website for its Pyrotenax high performance cable systems, encompassing products for fire-rated, power and general applications.

This easy-to-navigate site assists specifiers and installers to ensure they meet the demands of their applications and provides extensive information from specifications through to installation documentation to support their projects. It features the Pyro MI mineral insulated true fire-survival cable and MultiPlus - a high performance multi-purpose, lightweight cable system designed to meet the needs of building services installers by offering space, weight and installation cost savings.

Pyro MI cable can be employed without conduit and trunking to offer true fire survivability because of its completely inorganic construction. It exceeds all worldwide fire performance standards and, in major incidents of fire, has proven capable of functioning throughout intense fires and the effects of fire-fighting responses and maintaining circuit integrity in support of clear up operations. Indeed the critical point is only reached at 1083°C – the melting point of the copper conductor.

Pyro MI mineral-insulated cable has undergone Lloyds Register witness testing under the new, more stringent, fire test methodology of BS 7346-6:2005 and successfully achieved the highest performance requirement of 120 minutes survival time for fire fighting systems.

MultiPlus is a pre-wired conduit, the ‘smart’ alternative to plastic/metal conduit cabling systems and small size armoured cables, and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

The superior handling characteristics of Multi-Plus make it quick and easy to install and terminate. Although 66% lighter than 1kV armoured cable, it is flexible yet robust, and retains its installed shape and position. This cable offers outstanding electrical and safety performance and has a Low Smoke and Fume (LSF) outer sheath for excellent fire performance. Rated at 600/1000V, Multi-Plus has an aluminium screen that significantly reduces electrical interference to meet EMC requirements and delivers significant space savings by eliminating the need for compartmental trunking.

The new website has been designed to provide a real insight into the significant advantages offered by these high performance Pyrotenax cabling systems.


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