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office interior design interior office design office workspaceoffice interior design
office interior design interior office design office workspaceinterior office design
office interior design interior office design office workspaceoffice workspace

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E H Booth relocates to new cutting-edge headquarters

New Booths HQ provides a fresh approach to workplace design

When leading regional supermarket chain E H Booth decided to relocate to new headquarters last year, the aim was to offer employees far more than the traditional office; Booths wanted to create a workplace environment that would nurture and develop the unique working culture that exists in the business.

Graham Booth, Director at Booths explained: “At Booths we are very proud of our team, our heritage and our business principles. With the new offices, we aimed to create an environment that would both reflect and support the way we do business.”

Workplace environment specialist The TSK Group was assigned to work together with the architect Farrell & Clark to design and deliver a workplace interior that would both facilitate Booths’ unique business practices and inspire further positive organisational change. Mr Booth commented:
“Before the project began, we knew very little about the science of workplace design, so we put it into the hands of the experts. TSK’s design team had the knowledge and expertise to develop a solution that has created an incredibly positive place to work.”

TSK provided Booths with an interior design concept that has resulted in a bright, open and attractive workspace – but according to TSK’s Head of Design Martin Barber-Redmore, there is far more to it than just the aesthetics. Mr Barber-Redmore commented: “The change management process began with a consultation period at Booths. We developed a detailed understanding of how Booths works, the resource requirements of each department and the features staff wanted to see in the new building.”

“We were then able to establish a design that actively supports the regular working practices of Booths staff, whilst also having a positive impact on productivity, morale and communication. It’s not all about simply looking nice; it is a space that has been coordinated to achieve the business objectives identified at the start.” He added.

Within the new building, space-planning techniques have been utilised to encourage increased levels of collaboration, physical boundaries have been reduced to create a more unified atmosphere and ergonomically designed workstations and furniture solutions boost colour and comfort.
Graham Booth commented:
“The new environment helps us to maintain and evolve the feeling of community at Booths. Elements such as the restaurant breakout area, the reduction of physical boundaries between colleagues and the organic layout of workstations and resources combine to do this.”

“If we ever needed confirmation of the impact the new workplace would have, the enthusiasm for the project from our staff proved how important the working environment is to them. In my opinion, the investment made in the new HQ is a direct investment in the Booths workforce.” He added.

Flexible working practices are supported with hot-desks, networked meeting areas and shared resource hubs strategically positioned within the office. A collection of memorabilia that reveals the intriguing and longstanding heritage of Booths is also exhibited – with fitted glass display cabinets containing teapots, milk cartons and Christmas cards from bygone eras.

The new Booths HQ is a far cry from the magnolia walls and strip lighting that characterise the traditional office.

Andrew Burns, Joint Managing Director at TSK commented:
“It has been a great privilege to work with Booths and Farrell & Clark on this project. The quality of the finished workplace is a testament to the positive relationship between TSK, Booths and the architect throughout the project; resulting in an environment that we can all be very proud of.”

The result is certainly a far cry from the magnolia walls and strip lighting that characterise the traditional office space and the reception from employees has already been very positive after just a few months.


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