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combination boilers hot water boiler system boilers water boilerswater boilers

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Reno Combi Takes Control in Four Bedroom Property

One of Johnson & Starley’s high performance RENO combination boilers has been installed within a large detached house that previously depended on a conventional heating system, featuring a substantial hot water cylinder in the loft-space, for its domestic hot water.  The four bedroom property in the Abington area of Northampton is home to Mr Gane and his family; with two bathrooms, a cloakroom and the kitchen/utility room all demanding hot water at different times of the day. Therefore the domestic hot water requirements were an important consideration when choosing the boiler.

While switching over to a modern condensing combi has involved some changes to the pipework, opting for the RENO 37 C overcame several flue problem and the boiler’s performance is proving equal to the challenge.

Mr Gane comments:
“The house was built back in the mid-eighties and although it is well insulated with lagging in the loft and wall cavity, the windows are only single glazed. I wasn’t actually a fan of combination boilers and I had installed a large tank in the loft a couple of years ago to enable us to make more space in the airing cupboard. Despite that the RENO is providing more than enough hot water for all of our needs in the kitchen and bathrooms. The comfort level on the heating side is also excellent with warm up times much quicker than the old system.

“In terms of the actual installation the changeover has happened in conjunction with the construction of a new extension, which required us to change the flue position because we brought the roof line out over the place where it used to exit. The extended flue options enabled us to turn out through the car port, run along four metres, and then go up through a standard roof terminal. There have been no problems with pluming, and our heating engineer found the RENO very easy to install and commission.”
RENO boilers are capable of concentric flue lengths up to 10 meters

As with other models in the range the RENO 37 C features high build quality to enhance both reliability and performance. Modulating controls ensure the boiler stays in condensing mode for the majority of its operating time while the electronics also include self-diagnostics. There is a DHN preheat facility to reduce the delay in delivery of hot water, though this can be switched off to further increase fuel efficiency.

Johnson & Starley was established in 1922 and for over 80 years has provided innovation to the UK heating industry. As a manufacturer of ‘Home Comfort Solutions’ the company offers an extensive range of Part L compliant warm air heaters and ventilation products in addition to SEDBUK A –rated high efficiency condensing boilers. They offer the complete heating and ventilating range to heating installers and specifies.


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