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waste water treatment iron removal waste water water recyclingwaste water treatment
waste water treatment iron removal waste water water recyclingiron removal
waste water treatment iron removal waste water water recyclingwaste water
waste water treatment iron removal waste water water recyclingwater recycling

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Mi-T- M Wash Water Recycling System installed at new 'environmentally friendly' fire station

The new £2.9 million Community Fire Station in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, incorporates numerous sustainable elements within its design, making it one of the most ‘environmentally friendly’ facilities of its kind.

At the heart of the station is a state-of-the-art wastewater processing recycling plant that separates oil and contaminants from the grey water harvested from rainwater, training water and the wash down area. The water is then filtered and disinfected to almost potable standards and re-used for flushing toilets and washing down the vehicles.

Mace Limited carried out the detail design of the building and its services. When considering water usage, the aim was to provide a system that could recycle wastewater created by vehicle and equipment washing operations, as well as natural rainfall. The selected system needed to filter and disinfect the water, removing hydrocarbons and solid contaminants, so it could be re-used for further washing operations by fire crews and for the flushing of toilets.

For this task Mace chose the Mi-T-M WLP Series mechanical filtration wash water recycling system from Ringwood, Hampshire, based Hydroscape, Mi-T-M’s exclusive UK distributors.

How the fully automated system operates:

• All water used within the drill yard, including water used for washing operations, training and rainwater, is collected and channelled to a 13,500 litre underground tank. The tank acts a solids precipitator and oil water separator for effective pre-treatment before the main treatment occurs.

• Untreated wash water is introduced from the collection sump into the system via a pump located in the collection tank.

• Water then flows through an oil/water/solids separator. Oil particles are attracted from the water to coalescing material and float to the surface, where they are skimmed off into an oil decanter for easy removal; fine silt and particles drop to the bottom of the tank for flushing and disposal. The water is also treated to kill bacteria.

• The water is then filtered through activated carbon that absorbs remaining hydrocarbons, metals and other carbon based or organic constituents, producing a cleansed water supply.

• Finally, it travels to a pressure pump system for re-delivery through two integral hose connections at a pressure of 3.5 bar.

The project has been financially supported and endorsed by Three Valleys Water. Mace Building Services engineer, David Forward comments: ‘The design of this building can be used as a model for future buildings of its type and as a practical example of how it is possible to introduce environmental systems at relatively little cost. We currently believe the recycling plant will pay for itself in less than three years.’

It is estimated that the recycling measures now in place within the Fire Station will equate to approximately 5 million litres of water being recycled per year.

This is the first time a WLP unit of this kind has been installed in Europe. It is also believed that this is the first fire station in the UK to incorporate a water recycling plant of this nature.


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