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Editor's Note:  C & B Systems provide:-

cubicles toilet sanitaryware bathroom wc wc toilet cubicles toilet
cubicles toilet sanitaryware bathroom wc wc toilet sanitaryware
cubicles toilet sanitaryware bathroom wc wc toilet bathroom wc
cubicles toilet sanitaryware bathroom wc wc toilet wc toilet

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C & B introduce Medistone into hospitals

Hospital water based products/commercial washrooms/bathroom products

Hospital products

Medistone - this is a sustainable, non absorbent work surface/vanity top. This materials main attributes are the following;

heat resistant
scratch resistant
inert/non absorbent
light fast
environmentally friendly
In other words its good where bugs/water are around and fits the role of bringing higher quality materials at an economic price to the hospital market. Our main reason for the use of this material was to get away from the polyester and acrylic thermoplastic range materials more commonly known as 'solid surface products' where our experience led us to the conclusion that these materials although referred to in HTM's actually scratch and damage very easily and thereby create homes for bugs.

VK13 anti finger Traps WC cubicles - this is a tubular framed WC/Changing cubicle suitable for all environments - 24 hour a day use - airports to the wet environment of a shower cubicle. The same cubicle is also suitable for schools, offices, hotels and most other commercial environments. This also comes with a continuous pivot hinge which prevents the possibility of figure trapping.

For more information on colours and details please email


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